Interaktive Installation
Galería Rosa Santos, València

Konzept | Programmierung | Video | Sounddesign: Bernd Kranebitter

Full Credits


…wie fühlt es sich an, eine menschliche Marionette zu kontrollieren? Vor allem dann, wenn die Marionette versucht, sich aus den Fäden zu befreien. Auf den Spuren des Milgram-Experiments.“

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„What does it feel like to operate a human marionette?“

Initially I wanted to try out, how it feels to operate a human marionette. In the video projection, I not only wanted the marionette to move its bodyparts – I wanted to give it an element of response: If you would pull the strings to hard or too fast, the marionette would react to it and pull back – trying to free itself from the strings.

On the tracks of the „Milgram Experiment“

I found the result quite aspiring, so that I wanted other people to share this experience with me. During the exhibition it became more interesting to observe the operator´s behavior. How far would someone go?
I experienced hundreds of different reactions and emotions: From empathy to aggression, from playfulness to awareness. Not only while operating the marionette, but also in lively discussions that came up afterwards.

(Aus dem Ausstellungskatalog, Galeria Rosa Santos, 2007)

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